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FIC: Like Father, Like Son 3/?

Title: Like Father, Like Son
Author: Anestel
Genre: X-Japan, The TRAX, DBSG
Pairing: YoshikixHeath, RosexJaeJong, Rosex?
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): AU, possibly minors involved in sexual situations(16-17 year olds), yaoi
Disclaimer: Rose is not Yoshiki’s son(dur). I don’t know them. This is fake; it is a figment of my overactive, untamable imagination.
Summary: Yoshiki recieves the surprise of a lifetime. Can he and his lover deal with a new addition to their house?
A/N:The email addresses in this chapter are not JaeJoong and Rose’s real emails(at least not that I know and I’ll probably never know either of their real emails). Also, *makes a face* I’m not particularily pleased with this chapter but I hope you like it anyway. ^_^ Some constructive critism would be appreciated. I’m wondering if I’m doing well with characterization. I mean just in general as if they were original characters. What do you guys think? Are they believable?

Chapter Three


Rsoe tore through his bags and suitcases, trying to remember just where he had put his laptop. “There!” he exclaimed a few seconds later, smiling to himself as he pulled out the case, setting it on the desk. He opened the case, pulling out the laptop and cords. He quickly plugged everything in before searching for a phone jack.

The phone jack was found under the desk and Rose hooked up the final cord before turning the laptop on. He waited impatiently, hoping it would work…

It was going on an hour later and Rose had managed to set up a dial-up connection. He grinned, checking his email though he hadn’t recied anything since he had left home. He sighed a bit, hitting compose message.

To: “Jae”
Subject: Hey


So I made it to Japan. My father… I don’t even know really. This dial-up connection really sucks. They don’t even have DSL I guess. My room is disgusting. It’s WHITE! Everything is WHITE… Dad’s boyfriend…I think his name is Heath or something…is cool. He said that he could help me paint and redecorate. It seems so weird to have to email you when I’m so used to just talking or hanging out with you for hours. Maybe we can call each other later. I miss you all ready, Jae. Write back.


Rose hesistated a moment before hitting the send button; his words had seemed so odd when he had reread them. He shook his head and then smiled a bit as an idea struck him and he hit the compose button again.

To: “Jae”
Subject: Me again…

Download AIM!


After sending the short note to JaeJoong Rose went to and quickly began installing it, though the download seemed deathly slow with the dial-up connection. Impatiently he tapped his pink fingernails on the desktop.

Rose glanced at the door a moment. Well, he couldn’t stay in her forever… he was thirsty. With a sigh he stood, glancing to make sure the download was still going…15%… ’Can it go any slower?’ he thought in annoyance, but finally left the room. He found the kitchen easily enough and grabbed a coke from the fridge poping it open.

“Rose,” Yoshiki said, having been about to go to the other’s room when Rose had left. “We need to talk.”

“’Bout what?” Rose said his tone clearly stating his disinterest in whatever Yoshiki might have to say. He took another drink from the can, looking at a magnet with a blank expression.

“You’ll be starting school next week,” Yoshiki said, leaning against the edge of the counter, watching Rose. “It’s a nice school from what I’ve heard…”

Rose looked up a little surprised. “You’re not giving me time to get settled in? I’m not ready to start yet!”

“You have to start some time. Next week is as good a time as any.”

Rose’s temper was a bit short all ready and he clenched his teeth slightly. “I don’t want to start then and you can’t make me!” Rose forced out his voice raising slightly, almost daring Yoshiki to fight with him.

Yoshiki regarded Rose a moment, taking a deep breath to help himself maintain control of his words and actions. “Whether or not you like it, whether you respect meor not, I *am* your father and now your legal guardian. You’ll start school next week and that is final,” he said firmly.

Rose glared at him openly then, his fists balling up. “You’re not my fucking father!” he nearly screamed.

“Rose, go to your room,” Heath said quietly but firmly from the doorway. He watched Yoshiki as Rose brushed past him briskly, stomping to his room and slamming the door. “Yoshiki…” Heath murmured gently, moving forward he pulled Yoshiki into his arms the drummer’s face crumbling.

“I can’t do this, Heath,” Yoshiki whispered into Heath’s neck.

“You can and you will…it just takes time. Be patient,” Heath encouraged. “It just takes time.”


Rose clenched his fists as he sat back down at the computer.


Finally, it was done. Rose installed the program, watching the screen and trying to calm down. He wanted to go home. He was scared, scared to start this new life; he was just plain scared.

When the installation was finished Rose checked his email again and smiled when he saw Jae had written back.

To: “Rose”
Subject: re: Hey

My Rose,

I’m glad you got to Japan safely. I hope things are going well with your Father. I know you must be having a rough time.

*chuckles* I’m sure you’ll have your room pink and purple in no time. Sounds like you’ve made a friend in your Father’s boyfriend. Maybe they’ll let you get DSL if you ask. I miss you so much all ready Rose. We’ll have to plan out wasy to talk on the phone and meet each other nowa nd then. Anyway I’ll talk to you soon.


I installed AIM my sn is NaturalPlayboy19. I’ll be around for another couple hours if you can get on.

Rose giggled softly and then finished setting up an AIM account.


Rose grinned at the name and sighed, nearly bouncing at the prospect of talking to JaeJoong.

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