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Fic: Like Father Like Son 6/?

Title: Like Father, Like Son
Author: Anestel
Writing Journal:
Genre: X-Japan, The TRAX, DBSG
Pairing: YoshikixHeath, RosexJaeJong, Rosex?
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): AU, possibly minors involved in sexual situations(16-17 year olds), yaoi
Disclaimer: Rose is not Yoshiki’s son(dur). I don’t know them. This is fake; it is a figment of my overactive, untamable imagination.
Summary: Yoshiki receives the surprise of a lifetime. Can he and his lover deal with a new addition to their house?
Beginning Notes: Let's ignore the fact that Typhoon, Attack and X-mas are Korean and say they're Japanese...because...that's the way the bunny hops...But yeah. If you like my writing join kits_candy_land.
Word Count: 1556

Chapter Six

The shrill sound of the alarm broke through the silence of Rose's room. Rose had already been wide awake, staring at the clock in agonized dread. He promptly turned it off, forcing himself to sit up, pushing the blanket away.

Rose's dark eyes stared at the door, trying to stop the knot that was forming in his stomach. He glanced at the computer on his desk, pushing his mess of blond hair out of his face. With a sigh he moved to the desk, turning on the computer. While it was booting up he pulled on the dark blue school uniform that Yoshiki had given him a few days before. He was being put into a good school without having to take the Japanese entrance exam; he should be thankful to Yoshiki for that but he couldn't bring himself to have any goodwill towards his 'Father'.

Rose sat down in the chair and connected to the internet, pulling on his socks. He quickly check his e-mail finding just one from a friend of him and Jae: Xiah. Rose decided to answer the email after school, knowing he would need something to cheer himself up. With another deep sigh he turned off the computer and went to brush his teeth and other mundane morning routines. He hadn't set his alarm clock early enough to take a shower, having done so the previous night.

When Rose had finally finished getting ready he grabbed his book bag, making sure he had his Japanese phrasebook and kanji dictionary in case he got stuck to badly. He had been learning Japanese from his Mother since he was little, but he had never been surrounded by it nor had he had to speak it regularly. He just hoped he could keep from being noticed too much.

Rose decided he might as well eat breakfast before going to school and moved to go tot he kitchen. He was relieved that the spacious room was empty and dropped his bag on the floor beside the table. He opened the refrigerator and grabbed an apple and the gallon of milk. Rose set them both down on the table and turned, looking through several cabinets before he finally found the glasses. He grabbed the closest one and set it beside the gallon of milk. Satisfied with the items placed on the table he sat down and poured a glass of milk.

"Good morning," Heath said to Rose as he came in the room, giving the teen an encouraging smile. "You ready for today?" the man asked, knowing the answer but hoping Rose would open up to him again.

Rose shook his head, taking a bite of the apple and deliberately chewing it slower than necessary. He finally swallowed and looked over at Heath who had taken a seat across from him. "I don't think I'll ever be ready or even want to be..." Rose said softly, sighing to himself. "I don't even know how to get there or anywhere in this damned place!" he added, voice coated and frustration and anxiety.

Heath nodded, having to bite back a smile. Rose acted so much like Yoshiki that the resemblance was amusing and uncanny to Heath, but showing as much would only prove to upset Rose even more. Heath mentally shook his head and pushed back his amusement, looking at Rose a moment. "I can walk you to school today and I would think you'll be able to get yourself home," Heath stared, resting a hand on Rose's shoulder. "And try to make some friends; it'll make your life here much better."

Rose glanced up at Heath and nodded slightly before shrugging the older man's hand off. "Thank you," he said quietly before going back to eating. He couldn't help but be grateful to Heath who was trying to make things easier for him. He also had a feeling that it was Heath's doing that his Father hadn't come to send him off to school. He sighed inwardly, finishing up his breakfast and nodding when Heath asked him if he was ready to go. Within a few minutes they were leaving, Yoshiki watching them from his bedroom window.


Rose came into Homeroom several minutes late and greeted the teacher who introduced himself as Yamato-sensei. Yamato asked Rose to introduce himself to the rest of the class. Rose bowed slightly and quickly told his name, stumbling over his words slightly. The class echoed a polite greeting and bowed their heads, at least some of them did. Yamato pointed Rose to an empty desk near the back row closest the wall, and Rose hurried to it with his head bowed, eyes on the floor.

The person he was seated by didn't seem like a studious student, more like a gangster to be honest. Rose turned his attention to the front of the class and away from the boy with long black hair done in braids, sitting in a casual slouch unlike the rest of the students in the class.

Rose made sure his back stayed straight, eyes forward on the teacher, trying his best to keep up. He should have talked to Heath during the time he had been living with his father thus far. If Rose had been speaking Japanese more he would have been more prepared for this. Quickly he forced his mind away from the wondering and tried to pay attention as the day progressed.


After what seemed like a lifetime a break was called and the students stood up and broke into their groups of friends. Rose could feel curious eyes watching him and shifted uncomfortably under the weight of their stare. He tilted his head down, staring at his desk, catching bits of chatter here and there as his eyes traced the grain of the wood.
"You're a gaijin, aren't you?"

Rose jumped, eyes widening as he turned his head coming face to face with a piercing set of dark eyes. "Ano..." Rose stuttered. "Yes," he finally managed, scooting away from the boy who only seemed to smirk and move closer.

"You introduced yourself as Rose, eh? My name is Attack," the boy said, leaning into whisper in Rose's ear.

Rose looked around frantically, finding the other students, watching, but pretending that they weren't. Rose pushed a hand against Attack's chest, to urge him away but only received a harsh nip on his ear. He bit back a small yelp of surprise and pain, pulling his head to the side.

Attack had nuzzled his face into Rose's neck, intent on giving him quite the hickie when another student came over to them. Rose's face turned beet red as he renewed his struggle to get away from Attack.

"Attack, why don't you harass someone that wants your harassment?" the student said. His hair was somewhat long but well groomed. His uniform barely even showed a crease from sitting much less folding.

Rose stared up at him as Attack backed away but only slightly. "You're only jealous I got him first," Attack said slyly, one of his hands moving lightly over Rose's neck.
Rose shuddered slightly at the soft caress nearly whimpering in frustration. He pushed at the guy's hand and quickly stood up, hurrying out of the room. He leaned against the wall of the stairwell he had run to, sinking down onto the steps. He had been too flustered to tell the guy off, knowing his Japanese would have failed with his state of frustration.

Rose wanted to go home, home meaning Korea. "How could you do this to me, Mama," he whispered to himself.

A shadow suddenly blocked the light and drew Rose's attention as he looked up, seeing the clean cut boy from before. The boy had a devious smile now that he looked more closely; another face he couldn't trust. "I'm Typhoon. Sorry about Attack. He's a bit of an impulsive dolt. He'll get tired of bothering you rather quickly."

"Thank you," Rose said, getting up and moving away from the boy. He really didn't think it was a good idea to be alone with either of those boys. They both looked at him with eyes similar to a rabid dog with a piece of meat dangling in front of it. "Excuse me," he mumbled before heading back towards the class. It should be starting again soon, right? He hoped anyway. The sooner class was over, the sooner he could leave this school.


Rose finally got home, slipping off his shoes and heading straight for his bedroom. He dropped his back on the desk chair, letting out a deep sigh. He then threw himself on his bed and groaned loudly. He wondered if there was a way not to have to go back to that hellhole called a school.

Attack continued harassing him till school's end with Typhoon's hawk eyes on them both but especially Rose. 'Stupid people,' he thought to himself, missing JaeJoong and his friends even more. Least he was never bullied or sexually harassed at home since JaeJoong had been there to protect him. No one ever messed with anyone connected to JaeJoong, if they wanted to stay intact that is.

"Rose, come eat," Heath called from the kitchen, least that's where Rose assumed he was.

"I'm not hungry," Rose called back and no one said anything else.


Author's Note: Whatcha think? Been a LONG while! Anyway hoped you enjoyed! Comments are loved. If you like my writing please join kits_candy_land
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