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FIC: The Price of Love 3/?

Title: The Price of Love
Author: Anestel
Beta: none. I’m not having it beta’d till it’s done. I’ve given Alex to much stuff to do! Please forgive any grammar or spelling mistakes.
Genre: Dir en Grey/Yoshiki
Pairing(s): Shinya/Yoshiki, Yoshiki/JaeJong, Die/Toshiya, Die/Shinya(possibly) Shinya/Kaoru
Disclaimer: I do not own them *sobs* And I’m apologizing in advance for my horrid portrayal of Yoshiki. We all know he is not like this in real life…at least I don’t think he is…but I mean you almost have to wonder sometimes… ^_~ But understand that this *is* fiction and I’m making it up and it *didn’t* happen! ^_^ Also…I know that Yoshiki didn’t remain their producer and was only their producer a short time but for this fic he was their producer for a long time, probably up to like…Macrabre or Kisou era. ^_~ Just deal with it! I’m slapping an AU warning on this and it’s there for a reason! And Shinya isn’t the *most* accurate but better than Yoshiki…Also…we all know JaeJong is not a pizza delivery boy and he is not living in Japan! And…this didn’t happen(have I made that clear enough for you people?)!
Warning: Domestic Violence, Rough Sex, bondage and the like, angst, AU!
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Shinya has loved Yoshiki and the other finally pays attention to him but the attention may cost him everything. But Shinya’s friends may have something to say about Yoshiki’s treatment, can they stop him before it’s to late?
A/N: This was brought on by a rp I’m doing with Kim, though in my fic things are developing slower than they did in the rp. ^_~ And I’m sorry the updates are coming so slow...TT_TT It’s hard to get the story to flow like I want it to. T_T And also...There's a quick moving of some key plot issues in this chapter but I didn't know how else to bring them out. In the following chapters I will develop them more. Uh...and this is short...but there's sex (though not the best ever...)...>>


Chapter Three

Shinya's mind was starting to clear as Yoshiki led him up the stairs to where his bedroom was. What was going on? Things were happening so fast and Shinya's muddled brain tried to fathom it all. "Yoshiki-sama, what're we doing..." he slurred.

Yoshiki didn't give Shinya the benefit of an answer as he opened the bedroom door and pushed Shinya onto the bed. "You know what we are doing, Shinya-kun," he finally said, pulling off the drummers's skirt roughly, followed by everything else the smaller man was wearing. "So fat..." he said. "You need to lose weight," Yoshiki said as he pulled off his own clothes, covering Shinya's body with his own. "No one will like you if you look like this."

Shinya blinked at him, shivering some. He was hurt by the other's words and didn't truly understand how his mentor could say that. He blinked back tears as he felt the other part his legs, sliding his hands up Shinya's smooth legs. "Yoshiki-sama..." he whispered. "You really think those things?" he asked.

"I only tell you what is true," Yoshiki answered, placing a rough kiss to the other's lips. He bit the smaller man's lower lip, harshly tugging on it. He smirked at the hurt in Shinya's eyes but knew the other would strive to please him and he had the little man under his sadistic control. "You are mine now, Shinya," he purred. "You will do as I tell you and you will never disobey."

Shinya shivered, terrified by the other's words. "Yours?" he whispered, but cried out when Yoshiki entered him quickly in brutally. He heard a harsh grunt as the older man started to thrust into him without giving him time to adjust. The pain was immense and he felt as if he was being split into; he had been a virgin. "Yoshiki-sama," he groaned, trying to squirm away. "Stop, it hurts," he whimpered, though he knew deep down he didn't want the other to stop; he was afraid the other would never want him if he stopped now.

Yoshiki laughed into Shinya's ear, slapping him before reaching for his length. Shinya's length was hard and ached to be touched, showing he took some enjoyment from Yoshiki's treatment. "Urusai! I am your master, do not tell me what to do," Yoshiki said, thrusting harder as if to prove his point or merely to cause the boy more pain.

Shinya squirmed beneath the other, moaning softly in pain as he reached up to grip the other's shoulders but Yoshiki quickly pinned the other's thin wrists above the blond head. "Nuh uh, I didn’t say you could do that, bitch," he said, thrusting deeper and harder.

Shinya whimpered, part of him wanting to squirm away and the other part, the bigger part, wanting him to stay. The pain didn't ebb as Yoshiki's thrusts grew faster and more brutal, tearing Shinya apart over and over again. The smaller man's face was soaked with tears and he turned his head to the side, staring at the wall blankly, trying to block out the pain, wanting it to end.

It seemed that as quickly as it had began that it ended. Yoshiki pulled out of Shinya, laying beside him. Both of the men were covered in sweat and panting heavily. Yoshiki's length was covered with dark red blood and beneath Shinya the same color stained the sheets. The older man smiled darkly at the sight, reveling in it. There would be more such sights in the future that he was sure.

Yoshiki reached out and pulled the smaller body to him, letting his hand run down the center of the trembling boy's chest, resting on his flat stomach, stroking it comfortingly. "Shh..." he murmured into the blond's ear. He felt Shinya's body loosen slightly, slumping back against him with a shuddering exhalation.

"Aishiteru," came a barely audible whisper from Shinya. Darkness immediately consumed the young man, losing what response if any Yoshiki had provided.

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