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FIC: Like Father, Like Son 2/?

Title: Like Father, Like Son
Author: Anestel
Genre: X-Japan, The TRAX, DBSG
Pairing: YoshikixHeath, RosexJaeJong, Rosex?
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): AU, possibly minors involved in sexual situations(16-17 year olds), yaoi
Disclaimer: Rose is not Yoshiki’s son(dur). I don’t know them. This is fake; it is a figment of my overactive, untamable imagination.
Summary: Yoshiki recieves the surprise of a lifetime. Can he and his lover deal with a new addition to their house?
A/N: Sorry it took me so long to update. T_T And…I know that Rose is older but shush it lol. It’s fiction and I felt like making Jae older.

Chapter Two

Yoshiki swallowed nervously. He had been given a brief description of No MinWoo, his son. He chewed his bottom lip, searching for who could be his son. Finally he saw him, well it could be him. “No MinWoo,” Yoshiki called.

Rose looked up, scowling as he walked towards the other. “First off don’t call me anything but Rose,” he said nastily. He psuhed some of his blond hair out of his face.

“Hello Rose… I’m Yoshiki,” Yoshiki said nervously.

“Don’t you mean, ‘Daddy’,” Rose said sarcastically.

“You don’t have to call me that or anything. Yoshiki is fine,” the older man said, studying Rose. The blonde was wearing tight black leather pants and a bright pink shirt that oddly enough matched.

“Whatever. I guess I can call you Dad,” Rose said, though the name held more malice than endearment.

“If that is what you’d like. Let’s go get your luggage and then go home,” Yoshiki said not sure what to do with the siteful teenager.

‘This isn’t home,’ Rose thought to himself, sighing softly. “All right,” he finally said aloud. “Will there be food?”

“Of course. I’m not going to let you starve,” Yoshiki said, walking towards the baggage claim.

“Well how fatherly of you,” Rose said his voice dripping with malicious sarcasm.

Yoshiki sighed softly and again wondered if he could really do this, but again he couldn’t just ran away Rose was his responsibility now.


“You have a lot of luggage,” Yoshiki commented, galncing at the full trunk and a partially full back seat.

“What do you expect to happen when you’re a teenager being shipped to a foreign country because your Mother is tired of you?” Rose asked not really caring if the other answered, climbing into the passenger seat.

Yoshiki sighed, getting into the car. He didn’t know what to say or what to do. He could hardly believe this was his son. He wasn’t ready for this. He felt panic well in his stomach but forced it away. He had to get to Heath, quickly.

Rose stared out the window blankly. Japan was definitely different from Korea. Could he fit in? Would he be accepted? Why had his Mother dumped him off like this? The questions tortured the young teen’s mind and he struggled to push away the thoughts. At least his boyfriend hadn’t dumped him as well.

“We’re home,” Yoshiki said, climbing out of the car. He glanced at the door, smiling as Heath came out. “Rose this is Heath, Heath this is Rose,” Yoshiki said, looking between the two.

Heath held out his hand to Rose but the blond ignored it and grabbed some of his bags, all but stomping inside the house.

Yoshiki looked at Heath helplessly before he grabbed a bag and followed Rose.

“Where’s my room?” Rose asked.

“I’ll show you,” Yoshiki said, leading Rose down the hall, opening the guest room. “This is it, you can decorate it however you want,” he said nervously.

Rose dropped his luggage on the floor. “It’s all…white…” Rose said, crinkling his nose in disgust.

“Well I can help you paint and decorate it,” Heath told Rose, coming up behind Yoshiki and setting the rest of the boy’s baggage down.

“Really?” Rose asked and almost smiled when Heath nodded.

“Dinner will be ready in an hour,” Yoshiki said quietly, leaving Rose and Heath alone.

“So are you his boyfriend?” Rose asked Heath.

Heath smiled, nodding. “Yes we’ve been together for nine years,” Heath said, his love and adoration clear on his face.

“My boyfriend and I have been dating almost a year,” Rose said. “But I don’t know when I’ll get to see him again…” he murmured quietly.

“What’s his name?”

“JaeJoong,” Rose answered simply. “He’s a little bit older but not much.”

Heath nodded a bit. “I’ll leave you to unpack,” he said, smiling slightly at Rose. “We’ll call you when your dinner is done. The bathroom is just across the hall.”


“Rose, dinner’s ready,” Yoshiki said, after he opened the door, greeted with the disorganized mess of Rose’s unpacking.

“I’ll be there in a minute,” Rose said non-commitedly.

Yoshiki watched as Rose sat a red-jeweled heart-shaped picture of himself and another boy. “Who’s that?” Yoshiki asked.

“Someone,” Rose answered, brushing past Yoshiki. “Hey Heath,” Rose greeted when he entered the dining room.

“Hey Rose,” Heath said, setting a pan on the table. “Go ahead and take a seat.” He glanced up, seeing Yoshiki was standing in the doorway looking a little upset. “Yoshiki?”

Yoshiki looked at him, forcing a smile. “I’m fine,” he murmured, as he passed by the other both taking their seats.

As dinner began it was quiet for the longest time. “Rose… you can tell me if you want or need anything. This move must be hard for you, but it isn’t easy for us either,” Yoshiki finally broke the silence.

Rose shrugged. “Whatever…” he muttered, staring down at his food. He finally sighed after eating a third of his food and left the room without a word to either Yoshiki or Heath.

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