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fan vid's

My first contribution to this community. Well I was hesitant at first to share these here because they are of the whole bands, but I figured they have the men we love in them so why not. I created three videos: X- Japan (is the recent), Dir en grey and Trax(previsoly on the trax lj com). These were posted in my journal mana_fan with the other video I created for malice mizer.

Trax- Scorpio (this was the first vid I made usuing Microsoft Movie Maker)
Dir en Grey- I was made for lovin' you (second vid)
X- Japan- Forever Love (4th vid I created)

If you want to share them I don't care. If you leave comments about them please make them constructive. I am not taking any video editing class this semester so it will be helping me a lot if the comments were useful rather than "it's sucked"(if it sucks tell me why)vis versa.
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