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If i have a fic that involves Yoshiki and Rose being Father and son but aren't paired together can I still post it? I'll put the header here and then i'd appreciate if I could know if it is allowed.

Title: Like Father, Like Son
Author: Anestel
Genre: X-Japan, The TRAX, DBSG
Pairing: YoshikixHeath, RosexJaeJong, Rosex?
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): AU, possibly minors involved in sexual situations(16-17 year olds), yaoi
Disclaimer: Rose is not Yoshiki’s son(dur). I don’t know them. This is fake; it is a figment of my overactive, untamable imagination.
Summary: Yoshiki recieves the surprise of a lifetime. Can he and his lover deal with a new addition to their house?
A/N: The other day the words just sort came to mind and I started writing and here it is! This is *completely* pretty much AU! Not real! Fiction! Got it? Also eventually TRAX and DBSG will become groups but for now they aren’t together yet. When they do form there will probably be more pairings. ^_^
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