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This is my first Jrocker fic, I hope you guys like it.

Title: Adventures in Babysitting... Rose
Rating: NC-17, Lemon
Pairing(s): Rose/Shinya, Rose/Micky of DBSG implied

“I don’t need a babysitter!” Rose yelled and stomped his foot.

“You do with the way you’re acting now.” Yoshiki calmly replied to his hyper 15 year old.

“But Shin-chan? He’s so boring, he never talks! He never does anything fun!” Rose grabbed onto his father’s arm, and batted his eyelashes.

“He’s your older brother. You need to learn to get along eventually.” Yoshiki rolled his eyes. His two sons couldn’t possibly have anything less in common with each other. He couldn’t look into his younger son’s eyes because he knew that if he did, he would not be able to say no to him. “Shinya is watching you this evening, and that’s final. I’ll be back in a few hours anyway. It’s not like I’ll be gone all night.”

“Ugh, fine!” He plopped down on the couch, and turned the TV on.

Yoshiki turned to his first born before heading out the door. “Please, no visitors while I’m away.”

“I understand, pa.” Shinya nodded, and sat down next to Rose on the couch.

Yoshiki took one last look at his boys, walked out of the house.

“You don’t have to be right next to me, you know.” Rose said, while flipping the channels.

“Well what else am I gonna do?” Shinya replied.

“Oh, that’s right, I forgot. You don’t have a life.” Rose retorted, and when Shinya didn’t react, he yelled into his ear “I don’t need a babysitter!”

“You do after last time. Maybe if you thought to lock your door whenever YooChun came over, you wouldn’t be in this mess.”

“Hmph. What’s so wrong with sex? It’s only natural. I do it all the time. Dad does it all the time. I dunno about you, though…”

“I’m not a prude.”

“Yeah, sure, whatever you say.” Rose pretended to accidentally surf over to a porn channel. He began to touch himself.

Shinya’s eyes went wide. “What are you doing?”

“You said you’re not a prude, right?” Rose stuck his tongue out at his older brother. “Then just enjoy it, Shin-chan.” Rose began to moan, and moved his hand lower down his stomach. When he reached his crotch, he started rubbing it. He looked over at Shinya to see if he was watching. Shinya was purposely looking in the opposite direction, so Rose just moaned even louder.

“This really isn’t appropriate. I think you should stop. This is the kind of thing you do in the privacy of your own room.” Shinya said nervously.

Rose just rolled his eyes. “You think everything fun is something someone should only do in the privacy of their own rooms.” He grumbled.

“Well everything you consider fun is everything I consider perverted.” Shinya looked over at his brother for a split second, and realized he already had his cock out of his pants, and was now stroking it. “God, can’t you do that later?”

“In my room, you mean? Wouldn’t you have to follow me?”

Shinya blushed. “No, I wouldn’t follow you for that.”

“Then I won’t go into my room. I like it when people watch me. It gives me a rush.” Rose pumped harder, and Shinya tried to turn away, but was engulfed in mixed feelings of disgust and curiosity. “Come on, let me see yours.”

“What?” That caught Shinya off guard.

“I’m just curious who dad gave the better genes to. Me or you.”

“But I’m 23, and you’re only 15.”

“Then you should have no problems with this comparison, ne?” Rose mocked.

Shinya was never the competitive type, but he was sick of his little brother always teasing him about everything. Rose may have been big, but Shinya was even bigger. Shinya unzipped his pants, and took his own cock out.

Rose just stared. “Wow bro, you’re huge!” His eyes kept darting back and forth between his brother’s face and length. “Can I touch it?”

“I always knew you were a slut.” Shinya began to reach for his penis to put it back into his pants, when his younger brother grabbed his hands, and pinned them to the couch. He then proceeded to lower his head, until Shinya could feel him breathing on it. “Stop, what are you doing?”

“Just taking a closer examination.” He looked up sluttily at his older brother. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Um, yeah… I miyyyyyy…” He didn’t find himself capable of answering the question because Rose had now taken the entire length of his cock into his mouth. “What if dad comes home?” He squeaked out in a very feminine voice that he didn’t quite recognize as his own.

Rose took Shinya out of his mouth. “I dunno. I guess it’s a shame there’s no lock on the living room.” Rose mocked. “Or even a door.” He nuzzled the tip of Shinya’s cock with his nose, and Shinya moaned again.

“Stop, I don’t think I can take it anymore.”

Rose blew on the tip. “What was that?”

“I said stop.” With that, he pushed his younger brother off of him. “Now stand up straight.” He said in a commanding tone. He had never spoken to Rose this way before. Rose was very intrigued, and did what his brother said. “Take your pants off completely.”

Rose’s eyes went wide. “What will you do?” He said with a bit of excitement.

“I’m gonna give you the spanking you’ve had coming for years now.” Shinya got up and went over to the kitchen. He got a rubber spatula from one of the drawers, and returned to the living room. “Now come over hear, and lean over the arm of the couch.”

“I… I’ve never been spanked before. Is it gonna hurt?” Rose trembled a little bit.

“It will at first. But then it will hurt less after the first few spanks, unless you yell and curse. Then it will only hurt more and more. Understood?”

“Please don’t hurt me! I’ll tell dad!”

“No you won’t. Because if you did, he’d never believe you.”

“I knew you were really like this deep down inside. I was only playing around! I didn’t mean to make you angry.”

“I’m not angry. And I’m not like this all the time. I just think you had this coming for a very long time. And after it’s over, we can get back to how thing were before. Understand?”

Rose looked over at the rubber spatula, which seemed to glare back at him menacingly. He nodded to Shinya, and hung his head low. “Please be gentle with me, Shin-chan.” He whispered.

Shinya raised the spatula high above his head, and looked at the cute little white ass of his brother. He closed his eyes, and smacked down the spatula onto his brother’s buns. Rose gasped. He thought that Shinya would hit him hard, but he didn’t know it would be that hard. A few tears swelled up in his eyes. Shinya saw that Rose was holding back tears, and suddenly felt horrible for trying to discipline him. “I’m so sorry.” He leaned down and kissed his brother’s warm butt cheeks. “I didn’t know I would land a blow that hard.” He sat back down, and rubbed his brother’s cheeks.

Rose sat on his older brother’s lap, and put his arms around him. “I’ll forgive you… if you fuck me.”

Shinya didn’t know what to do. He’d never been with a man before, despite all the times Toshiya had tried to get him into bed. But now it was his little brother that was coming onto him. And he felt guilty for hurting him… “Okay, I’ll do it.”

Rose’s eyes began to shine as he readjusted himself in Shinya’s lap so that his brother big cock was poking at his crack. Shinya took his now hardened cock, and inserted it into Rose’s hole. He then pulled Rose all the way down onto himself. As he did, Rose squeezed his legs. “Oooh, yesssss.” He heard his younger brother moan. He kissed his neck a few times, and then began to pump his younger brother up and down, faster and faster. “Yessss, Shin-chan. That feels so gooooooodddd…”

He told Rose to lie down on the couch, with his back on the soft cushions. He spread Rose’s legs wide, and went deeper and deeper inside of him. Rose was muttering something under his breath, but he could not hear what he was saying.

Rose took Shinya’s hand and began to rub his own hardon with it. With his free hand, Rose removed his shirt, so he was now fully naked for Shinya’s eyes to take in.

After several minutes… “Ah… I think I’m gonna come, Shin-chan…” Rose felt as if he was about to erupt. He helped Shinya’s hand to pump his cock harder and harder, while Shinya was still inside of him. Suddenly, he came all over himself. He began to rub his cum all over his chest. “Shin-chan, will you please lick it off for me?”

Shinya hesitated. “I don’t know if I should do that?”

“Why not? I promise to lick off anything that gets on you.”

“Well you won’t have to worry about that, because I’m gonna cum inside of you.”

“Promise?” Rose gave a wicked smile. He had never had someone cum inside of him before. He was very excited. Rose grabbed Shinya’s shoulder. “Please lick it off? Otherwise you’ll have to give me a bath after this, and I don’t know how much time we have left before dad gets home.”

Shinya reluctantly agreed, but found that Rose’s cum didn’t taste as bad as he expected it to. Soon, he himself was really to explode. He thrusted harder and harder, and finally exploded inside of Rose’s ass.

Rose just giggled at the warm, ticklish sensation. “So that’s what that feels like.” He caught a little cum left on the tip of Shinya’s penis with his finger and licked it up. He then caught Shinya in a deep kiss that completely caught him off guard. “I guess we should get dressed now.” Rose said, but Shinya didn’t seem to be paying attention, so Rose gave him a slight nudge on the shoulder.

“What?” Shinya snapped back.

“I said, we should probably get dressed now. Dad can be back any minute now.” Rose smiled. As his brother began to zip himself back up, and went to the mirror to make sure his hair looked perfect. Rose pulled his own jeans and tshirt back on. He turned off the TV, and stood behind Shinya in front of the mirror. He watched him tidy his hair for a few seconds, and then messed it all up, running into his room and locking the door before Shinya could run after him.

Shinya rolled his eyes, and stomped over to his own room.

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